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Bromsgrove was once a prosperous hub for the woollen trade and became the world centre for nailmaking in the 19th century. Bromsgrove’s industrial heritage has left a long legacy as it continues to be home to a skilled workforce.


When compared to both regional and national statistics a higher percentage of Bromsgrove residents have good qualifications. The median earnings for those living in Bromsgrove is the highest of any District in the West Midlands, including Warwick, Stratford and Solihull.

Growth is evident throughout Bromsgrove. Thousands of new houses are to be built, extensive demand led commercial property developments are springing up, tens of thousands of square feet in new major retail stores are planned for
Bromsgrove Town Centre and hundreds of new jobs are being created as a result of major public and private investment.

Bromsgrove District Council’s Core Strategy contains details of a recent survey which shows that 29% of firms in Bromsgrove have plans to expand their premises in the short term, further emphasising the strength of economic performance in the District.

Now sited on the West Midlands Central Technology Belt corridor, Bromsgrove remains important in the supply of components to the automotive industry: Manufacturing employs 15.1% in Worcestershire than across England. Bromsgrove also shows 5.9% employed in Construction compared with 4% nationally. 11.5% of Bromsgrove’s workforce is employed in Education and 14.2% are employed by the Health industry.

80.8% of Bromsgrove’s residents are economically active and 1.7% are claiming Job Seekers Allowance versus a national average of 3%.

The District’s retail activity is focused in Bromsgrove Town centre. Shop vacancy rates have fallen during 2010 and 2011 in the Town Centre and applications from major new retail stores have planning approval. The best part of £100 million of private and public investment in the Regeneration of Bromsgrove Town Centre is stimulating a rejuvenation of the historic town that will create around 1000 new jobs to add to the 750 which will have been created upon completion of the expanding Bromsgrove Technology Park.

The current Bromsgrove population of around 94,300 is forecast to increase to over 100,000 by 2021.

21.2% of Bromsgrove residents are 65 years old and over compared to 16.9% nationally. Bromsgrove has an estimated 19,000 children, representing over 20% of Bromsgrove’s total population.

The largest proportions of Bromsgrove residents are ‘married or re-married’. Many fall under the ‘single’ category and much fewer the divorced or widowed categories. A total of 93.6% of the population in Bromsgrove District are white and Christianity is the largest religious group representing 68.9% of the population.

(Statistics taken from Worcestershire County Council’s Local Economic Assessment Profile and Mid 2012 estimates)