Special Schools

The complete spectrum of educational needs are catered for across Bromsgrove, with a number of schools and colleges for students with a range of disabilities and special needs:



Chadsgrove School & Specialist Sports College

Meadow Road, Catshill, Bromsgrove, B61 0JL


Chadsgrove School is a day special school for children with a physical disability. Many of the pupils at Chadsgrove also have an additional disability, such as learning difficulties or communication difficulties. The school aims to create an appropriate curriculum suitable for each individual child in order to help them to reach their full potential.




Rigby Hall School

Rigby Lane, Bromsgrove, B60 2EP

Rigby Hall is a day special school that caters for boys and girls, aged 4 to 18.  Rigby Hall caters for students who have statements for a variety of special educational needs. The majority have moderate learning difficulties and a minority have a range of other special educational needs, largely speech, language and communication difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders and severe learning difficulties.

Rigby Hall aims to create a successful learning environment for their students by actively involving them in the learning process, encouraging and giving opportunities for them to feel a sense of achievement, enforcing high standards of self discipline and order, providing a calm, safe and happy workplace and listening to the pupils so that each individuals needs are met.




Hunters Hill Technology College

Blackwell, Bromsgrove, B60 1QD

The young people who attend Hunters Hill have been identified as having moderate learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties with a wide variety of needs. Pupils may also have associated health problems.

Situated in over 70 acres of fields and woodland, the School is in an ideal setting for young people whose needs are best met in a healthy environment which supports and nurtures.