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Growth is evident throughout Bromsgrove District.

Thousands of new houses are to be built, extensive demand led commercial property developments are springing up, tens of thousands of square feet in new major retail stores are planned for Bromsgrove Town Centre and hundreds of new jobs are being created as a result of major public and private investment.


The current Bromsgrove population of around 94,300 is forecast to increase to over 100,000 residents by 2021. To cope with the demand for living in Bromsgrove, the District Council’s Local Plan, which was adopted in January 2017, sets out plans for 7000 new homes between now and 2030.

Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas are in an excellent location to attract existing companies and entrepreneurs to re-locate or to start up their businesses in the area. This demand is leading to continued investment in new speculative industrial units such as Bromsgrove Enterprise Park where the success of the first development phase has recently led to a private-public partnership between developer Langtree and Advantage West Midlands, completing the first section of its second phase: The £9million Sapphire Court.

The best part of £100million of private and public investment in the Regeneration of Bromsgrove Town Centre has provided a new Public Realm for the High Street and major new retail developments along its length.  A new Health Centre, a new Library and a new Police and Fire Station are also exciting developments developed as part of the Bromsgrove Regeneration Programme. The programme continues to stimulate an extraordinary rejuvenation of the historic town.

Further investment in a new £10million+ Railway Station for Bromsgrove Town is planned and establishments such as NEW College and Bromsgrove School are completing £multi-million extensions, to cope with growing demand.

Other small scale proposals aim to provide appropriate levels of housing provision in rural locations to maintain the vitality of villages around the District.

Focussing employment growth within Bromsgrove Town will enable more businesses to benefit from factors that make Bromsgrove a good place to do business, such as excellent motorway links, and provide a good environment for staff and customers. As the town grows this will also enable local employment to be supported and create balanced communities where people can live and work locally.

(Statistics taken from Worcestershire County Council’s mid-2012 estimates and District Projections).