Bromsgrove District is a place in the country and has housing for all needs and tastes: From large country residences to cottages in quaint villages, from large town houses to town centre apartments, whether looking to buy at the top end of the market or seeking an affordable home, or wanting a private let or a Registered Social Landlord, all options are available in Bromsgrove.

The range and quality of housing available, the rural nature of the area, the proximity to the motorway and railway connections and the ease of access to Birmingham mean that Bromsgrove is a popular place to live. This demand for property has been reflected in property prices locally which are just above the national average.

To cope with the demand for living in Bromsgrove, the District Council’s Local Plan, which was adopted in January 2017, sets out plans for 7000 new homes between now and 2030. The greatest need and demand for housing is in Bromsgrove Town, the majority of development has therefore been directed to sustainable locations around its edge and will deliver affordable housing, employment, open space, and community facilities. Other small scale proposals aim to provide appropriate levels of housing provision in rural locations to maintain the vitality of villages around the District.

There are also several recent private housing developments in and around the centre of Bromsgrove where further additional housing provision is also being planned. The vacant spaces above shops have been targeted for conversion into flats by the £1.2 million Townscape Heritage Initiative. The Regeneration Programme is also freeing up sites in Public Ownership, such as the current Police Station, the Council House and properties along sites such as Recreation Road, School Drive, Windsor Street all of which have been earmarked to provide new town centre housing.

The flagship project for town centre housing is the development of a residential care home, dementia care unit, close care, extra care village and assisted care housing along Recreation Road to provide a major, state of the art, Continuing Care Retirement Community. A member of the developing consortium is Bromsgrove District Housing Trust, meaning that whether residents are seeking to downsize from a substantial property or being supported by a Registered Social Landlord, the development is open to them. More such developments are a key part of the District Housing Strategy.

The focus on affordable homes is not limited to retirement developments. All new housing developments will be expected to contribute towards affordable housing provision as house prices and a high level of home ownership – with only 11% of homes in the District socially rented – means there is a significant demand for affordable housing, especially for 2 and 3 bedroom properties.

Over coming years a balanced housing market will continue to be developed across Bromsgrove to deliver the housing growth required to meet local needs.

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