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Located 2.5 miles north of Bromsgrove Town, Catshill was formed around Turnpike Road (now the A38) in 1844. Catshill is within commutable distance of both Worcester and Birmingham and as a result the population of the village has grown in recent years.

Catshill is now home to three schools, including the outstanding Ofsted rated Chadsgrove Special School which caters for pupils aged 2–19 years from across Worcestershire whose Special Educational Needs arise from physical disability.

The village has a small library, though it is not open every day, as well as a village hall in which many different learning activities take place, from karate to IT skills.

There is uncertainty as to how Catshill got its name and folklore has it that the area was once the habitat of wild cats – so the name literally means Cats Hill. The earliest documented use of the name dates back to the 13th Century.

Catshill is historically famous for nail making, like much of Bromsgrove District which employed thousands of nailers. Catshill village was very much a centre for this trade which continued even after the decline of the nail making era around 1914.

The poet Alfred Edward Housman, whose statue can be seen on Bromsgrove High Street, is reported to have lived in Catshill.