Bromsgrove Heritage Map

Interactive Map of Bromsgrove

The map below is an 1880s Ordnance Survey map of Bromsgrove. To view the history of each building, along with its location in Bromsgrove today, please click on any of the blue highlighted areas below which will display an information poster in a new window. To come back to the map please click the back button in your browser.

© Bromsgrove DC, Worcestershire CC Archive & Archaeology Service, Jenny Townshend and Julian Hunt. Poster Photographs by courtesy of the Tim Brotherton Collection.

A small selection of oral history clips are included where these coincide with the buildings featured in the High Street on Parade exhibition. These buildings are highlighted on the map with a red dot. 

63-65 High Street Pork Butchers

110 High Street Rainscourts