Getting Around & Accessibility

Bromsgrove is a pre-dominantly rural district and Bromsgrove District Council seeks to ensure neither age or mobility is a barrier to getting around or in accessibility to public spaces and services.

In general Bromsgrove is well served by the road and rail networks, with good links to the Motorway network and a main-line Railway Station, with regular services in and out of Birmingham.

A good number of bus services also link the town with neighbouring towns and villages.

Where these are inaccessible or for those unable to drive the Bromsgrove Urban and Rural Transport (BURT) mini-bus service will provide a pick up service to bring people into Bromsgrove.

Bromsgrove aims to provide a Town Centre for all to enjoy.  Bromsgrove District Council recently invested £200,000 in an award winning public toilet block which includes a ‘Changing Places’ toilet, complete with hoist and changing bed, for members of the public who are unable to get around without the presence of a carer.

Bromsgrove District Council runs a Disabled Access Awards scheme which recognises shops and other establishments for their accessibility achievements.  The Council also publishes a Tactile Town Centre Guide and Map and provides a Shop Mobility Service in the Town Centre.

The Bromsgrove Disabled Access Group has been heavily consulted and guidance from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has been used in the design of the new Public Realm in Bromsgrove.  The Worcestershire Association of Service Users provided an Accessibility Audit of the Town Centre in order to identify areas in particular need of improvement.

As a result the new Public Realm has been designed to provide ease of movement down the High Street and this will be maintained on market days. To accommodate this, a revised market layout has been devised to optimise use of the space.

The use of paving materials to create visually different zones, that contrast and have clearly marked boundaries, will help with the navigation and accessibility of the area, for example by clearly defining pedestrian and street café areas. This is particularly important for the visually impaired.

Lighting will also be used to demarcate areas and add to a feeling of security in the evening.

Around 50% of shoppers in the Town Centre have walked there and this large number of people will continue to be encouraged as the overall public realm and transport measures enhance and improve pedestrian priority, accessibility, permeability, linkages and mobility within and across the area for pedestrians and cyclists.  These actions will also make the Town Centre more accessible to those who live a little further away, by providing them with improved walking, cycling and bus routes into their Town Centre.

These measures are further detailed in the Public Realm and Transport sections of this website.